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Emailing Reports

Cadzow 2000 can email reports directly from the program if you have a suitable email program.

Although Cadzow 2000 supports MAPI email clients such as Outlook and non-MAPI clients such Outlook Express for plain-text emails, sending reports is only supported for MAPI clients. Therefore if you have Outlook Express you must email reports manually.

Microsoft Outlook & Other MAPI Email Clients

  1. Print the report.

    You will prompted whether to preview, print, export, email or fax the report.

  2. Choose Email.

    All reports provide at least Snapshot and Rich Text Format versions. (RTF requires Cadzow 2000 2007.12.002 or later.)

    Reports in Snapshot format provide an exact reproduction of the report, including graphics, fonts, formatting and lines, but require that the recipient has the Microsoft Snapshot Viewer installed. Reports in Rich Text Format can be opened by any version of Windows but they do not include graphics and lines and the alignment may not be correct. Thus the Snapshot format is preferable.

    Some reports, such as invoices and purchase orders, provide a plain text version (sample) which makes them smaller and more likely to be allowed through email attachment filtering.

  3. Choose Snapshot or Rich Text Format or Plain Text as required.

  4. Choose an email address (this is optional; you can type it into the message later).

    Alternatively, if you wish to send the message to a recipient inside your organisation, click Show Internal Users' Emails.

    If you wish to send the message to a recipient from another organisation, click Choose Organisation and select the organisation. That organisation's email addresses will appear in the Email Address field.

  5. Click OK.

  6. An email message will be automatically generated for you.

    Address the email by typing the recipients' details in the To box or use Blind Carbon Copy.

  7. Edit the message if desired, then click Send.

Outlook Express

  1. Save the report as a Snapshot file — see Exporting a Cadzow 2000 Report to a File.

  2. Save the file into a convenient location, such as My Documents.

  3. Start Outlook Express and start a new message.

  4. From the Insert menu, choose File Attachment, and select the file.

  5. Address the email by typing the recipients' details in the To box or use Blind Carbon Copy.

  6. Edit the message as desired, then click Send.

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