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Cadzow 2000 Email Support


Cadzow 2000 supports sending email through four methods:

  1. Simple MAPI — this is an interface to MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface) which is supported by Microsoft Outlook and other MAPI-compliant email clients (such as certain version of Lotus Notes),

    Although “Simple MAPI” is part of Windows, “MAPI” itself is not always available. MAPI is installed with the following products:

    • Windows Messaging in Windows 95/NT4;

    • Outlook 97/2000/XP/2003 and above; or

    • Microsoft Exchange Server.

  2. Outlook's internal API;

  3. Outlook Express/Windows Mail/Windows Live Mail — the free email client provided in Internet Explorer and Windows 98 and greater, and

  4. Lotus Notes API.

Cadzow 2000 will generally first try sending via the Outlook API or Simple MAPI, depending on circumstance. If this fails it will try sending via Outlook Express (Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP), Windows Mail (Vista) or Windows Live Mail (Windows 2008/Windows 7). Further, some features in Cadzow 2000 have special requirements. Therefore the email system used will depend on what is available on the system, how it has been configured and what Cadzow 2000 feature is being used.

(Outlook API support requires Cadzow 2000 2015.03.001; Outlook Express support requires Cadzow 2000 12.03.003; Windows Mail support requires 2006.09.005, Windows Live Mail support requires 2009.07.003.)

Email Client/Feature Matrix

ClientPlain Text

(see here)

(see here)
Outlook Express/Windows Mail/Windows Live Mail
when Outlook not installed
32,767Outlook Express
Outlook Express/Windows Mail/Windows Live Mail
when Outlook installed
Outlook 9732,000MAPI
Outlook 2000 ≤ SR-132,000MAPI
Outlook 2000 > SR-132,000MAPI
Outlook XP/2003/2007/2010/2013 (Office Pro Plus)32,000MAPI/Outlook API
Outlook 2013/2016 (Office Click-To-Run)32,000Outlook API
Lotus Notes 6.5.x255“Notes MAPI”
Outlook 97 and above Deprecated32,0003rd Party
Lotus Notes 6.5.x32,767 ‡Notes API

† Although Lotus Notes supports MAPI, it does not require MAPI to have been installed by Outlook, unlike Outlook Express. See Cadzow 2000 Support for Lotus Notes for further information on configuring Lotus Notes for use with Cadzow 2000.

‡ When using the Notes API, Cadzow 2000 is hard-coded with a limit of 400 recipients per message (total of “To” and “BCC” recipients), but if a message is requested with more than 400 recipients, Cadzow 2000 simply generates multiple messages.

Emailing Issues

Error message when sending email

When attempting to send email in Cadzow 2000, you receive the following error message:

  • Email cancelled. Email has not been configured correctly on this computer (needs MAPI), please contact your IT administrator.

This occurs because the system does not have MAPI installed.

Cadzow 2000 ignores Microsoft Outlook settings when sending email

Simple MAPI does not honour any settings made in advanced email clients such as Outlook. For example, if you have chosen Read Receipts in Outlook, emails sent from Cadzow 2000 will not request a read receipt. This is because Simple MAPI has its own default settings for messages. Simple MAPI is part of Windows and Cadzow 2000 cannot change the way it works.

Solution: Before sending the message, open the mail message properties (Alt-Enter) and choose the options required.

Nothing Happens When Sending Email

There are several reasons this may occur:

  1. You are running Cadzow 2000 in elevated mode under Windows Vista and above;

  2. You do not have any email accounts set up in the email client;

  3. In Windows Vista, Windows Mail must be open when attempting to send emails from Cadzow 2000.

  4. When using Windows Live Mail on Windows 2008 or Windows 7, the PATH environment variable must have C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Mail appended to it. This could simply be placed at the start of the Cadzow 2000 startup script (GO.BAT) as follows:

    SET PATH=%PATH%;C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Mail


    SET PATH=%PATH%;C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\Mail

    (Because environment variable changes only affect the current process and the processes spawned by it, this will affect Cadzow 2000 but nothing else.)

Cadzow 2000 Invokes Outlook rather than Outlook Express

Cadzow 2000 first tries to send using MAPI. The local MAPI system may send the request to Outlook or Outlook Express depending on which is the default mail client. If there is no MAPI client, Cadzow 2000 tries to send via Outlook Express. However, if you have both Outlook and Outlook Express on your system, both may be set as the default mail handler and mail reqests will go to Outlook. To resolve this:

  1. Close Cadzow 2000.

  2. Close Outlook Express.

  3. Open Outlook, go to ToolsOptionsOther, and disable Make Outlook the Default Program for E-Mail, Contacts and Calendar. Click OK.

  4. Close Outlook.

  5. To force Outlook Express as the default mail client, see

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