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Exporting a Cadzow 2000 Report to a File

All Cadzow 2000 reports can be exported to a file that can then be opened in another program, such as a word processor or spreadsheet, or simply stored for archival purposes.

The following file types are available:

  • Microsoft Excel (*.xls);

  • Rich Text Format (*.rtf): that can be loaded into word processing packages such as Microsoft Word;

  • MS-DOS text (*.txt);

  • HTML (*.html);

  • Snapshot (*.snp); and

  • Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) (PDF supports requires Cadzow 2000 2012.05.001 or later)

Depending upon the report and file type selected, not all information will necessarily be exported, or appear the way you expect. Experiment with the various file formats.

If you need an exact reproduction of your report, select PDF or Snapshot.

Exporting Steps

  1. Print the report.

    You will prompted whether to Preview, Print, Export, Email, PDF or Fax the report:

  2. To export to PDF, choose PDF.

  3. To export to one of the other formats, choose Export. You will be prompted for the format to use:

    Choose the file type required and click OK.

  4. Specify the filename and directory location and click OK.

Font Embedding

The Snapshot (*.snp) format will faithfully recreate the layout, pagination and fonts of the report, but does not embed fonts, so any system the report is displayed on must have those fonts installed in order to display correctly. Otherwise the Snapshot Viewer will show an approximation by using a generic serif or sans serif font as appropriate.

The Acrobat (*.pdf) format will also recreate the layout of the report, but will embed fonts, so reports should display correctly on any system. However:

  • Some fonts are flagged as unable to be embedded.

  • A font which is installed into the Windows Fonts folder by linking to a file outside of the physical %Windir%\Fonts folder may not embed properly. In other words, ensure “Copy fonts to Fonts folder” is checked when installing fonts.

  • Fonts installed as TrueType or OpenType will embed more successfully than Type 1 fonts.

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