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Business Tip: Bank fees and Electronic Funds Transfer

Have you checked what you are paying to send and receive cheques lately? Bank fees may be one area where businesses do not scrutinise their costs as much as they should.

One way to significantly reduce the fees you pay to receive cheques is to put your banking details on your invoices so customers can pay via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Of course, you need to balance the privacy and security implications of “publishing” your bank details, but remember that whenever you write a cheque you are telling the receiver the same details, so it’s hardly a secret.

In Cadzow 2000, go to Accounts Receivable, Miscellaneous Settings. Under the Invoices tab, enter the details under “Dynamic Global Message”. Then go to the Statements tab and enter the same message under “End Message”. If you have different details for different departments it can be entered against each individual department under Departments, then Dynamic Comments.

These comments will appear on all printed invoices/statements but you need Cadzow 2000 version 10.02.016 or greater for the message to appear in plain-text emailed invoices.

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