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Cadzow Software: Screen Resizing

Cadzow 2000 will automatically resize many of its screens (such as invoicing and Enquiries) to show more information. Many people run their systems at 800 × 600 but with the increasing prevalence of TFT displays and 17” and 19” monitors you may become more productive with your display at 1024 × 768 or 1280 × 1024 if the display supports it.

Please note that some screens are only resized height-wise (eg. Invoicing, purchasing), not width-wise.

To illustrate this, here's some sample screens from the Cadzow Room Booking Manager:

800 × 600

1024 × 768

NB. Systems with displays with a horizontal width of around 1600 pixels will experience an overflow error when producing Accounts Receivable/Payable statements. This was resolved in Cadzow 2000 2008.05.006.

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