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How are the transactions assigned to BAS periods?

Cadzow 2000’s BAS generation is highly reliable. By design, old transactions cannot be edited, and if entries are posted into prior BAS periods they will be included in the current BAS report – so you do not need to reconcile back dated transactions.

The transactions under each BAS are tracked so old BAS reports can be reproduced intact even if further entries are posted which are dated in that period.

If necessary entries posted after the generation of the BAS can be added to the BAS, but this can only be done on the current BAS. By design, once the current BAS is finished it can no longer be added to.

At the end of the BAS period (see note 1) :

  • User chooses which BAS Period to generate information for (eg. July 2003). Internally Cadzow assigns a BAS ID number for this BAS Period.

  • User clicks on “Generate BAS” button.

  • The system flags certain transactions with this BAS ID (transactions are whose that are dated 31/07/2003 and earlier, that do not have a BAS Period already assigned to them).

  • The system then produces out a report based on the entries that match the BAS ID.

Then, next month:

  • User creates another BAS Period (eg. August 2003).

  • User clicks on “Generate BAS” button.

  • The system flags every entry dated before 31/08/2003 that does not already have a BAS ID. Note this would ignore the July 2003 entries because they already have a BAS ID. But if there was a transaction (say a invoice or credit note) created in August but dated in July, it would be picked up by the second BAS.

  • The system then produces out a report based on the entries that match the BAS ID. And so on.

This method ensures every entry would eventually appear on a BAS no matter how it was dated. You can't just say “Every entry between 01/08/2003 and 31/08/2003” because post- and pre-dated entries would be skipped, and also because someone might use an end date of 30/08/2003 instead of 31/08/2003 accidentally. In this situation the 31/08/2003 entries would appear in September, which is wrong, but at least they are included on a BAS eventually.

This method also allows a BAS to be reprinted later because the entries which comprise the BAS are flagged uniquely. You can also use Enquiries to find all transactions associated with a particular BAS.

Note 1: Different companies have different BAS periods (eg. monthly, quarterly). Refer to your correspondence with the Australian Tax Office for the BAS period and GST type (cash or accrual) that applies to your organisation. We are using a monthly BAS period in this example, but the same principle applies to other periods.

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