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Miscellaneous Settings

This option allows specific tailoring of the system for your own needs. This is accomplished simply by altering the pre-set defaults.

  1. From the MAIN MENU, choose JOB MANAGER.


  3. The various options of this screen are discussed on the next few pages.


Default Exclusion Organisation: You can choose an organisation you want to automatically exclude in the Enquiries search (see page 36, in the “Not this organisation” section). An example is if you want to ignore own organisation in most of your searches, so that you can concentrate on jobs for clients. Of course this depends on the type of jobs you are tracking and whether this feature is relevant to you.

Default Exclusion Global Project: You can choose a project you want to automatically exclude in the Enquiries search (see page 36, in the “Not this project” section). A typical example is if you have a project called “wishlist” which you want to ignore in most of your searches, but still track these jobs as they are important, but not urgent.


Use as the generic “Team”: When setting up employees (page 10), you can setup a generic “employee” that represents a “team of people” rather than an individual person. So that special features are then automatically activated, you need to teach the software with this Miscellaneous Setting which “employee” is the “team”.

Use “version” field: If you are interested in tracking the version number of the product related to the help desk job, tick this option.

Use “source” field: If you are interested in tracking the source related to the help desk job, tick this.


Automatically add a time entry to cover administration time for x minutes? When you email a summary of a job (usually to a client) the system can automatically enter a standard time entry of x units. Useful if you want to automatically assume most emails are 5 units long.

Show start and finish times on plain text emails: Depends on how much information you want others (usually your client) to see. If you are happy for them to view the start/finish times associated with jobs, then tick this option.

Help Desk Email Heading: Job summaries can be emailed from the Cadzow software. If you wish to insert particular wording, such as “Help Desk” or your company name, enter it in this option and it will then be automatically included in the email’s subject line.

Help Desk Email Wording: If you wish the emails to start with an introduction greeting, enter it in this option. It will then be automatically shown at the beginning of plain text emails.

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