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Issues with Microsoft Snapshot Viewer & Snapshot Files

Snapshot Viewer Does Not Open After Creating Snapshot File

This may occur for the following reasons:

  • Snapshot Viewer is not installed;

  • The filename used when saving the report as a Snapshot file did not include the .snp extension. If you leave off the extension, it will not be added for you, and Windows will not know which application is required to open the file.

  • The Autostart option which appears when choosing the filename was not selected.

Snapshot Viewer Displays Previous Version of Snapshot File

If you export a report to a Snapshot file, it will be opened in Snapshot Viewer. If you then change the data and export the same report, or export any report to a Snapshot file with the same name, Windows will attempt to launch the new Snapshot file but Snapshot Viewer will not refresh the view because it thinks the file is already loaded.

In this case, close all open Snapshot files in Snapshot Viewer and load the required file manually.

Microsoft Office Setup Prompts For Media When Opening Snapshot File

This will happen if Snapshot Viewer was installed as part of Office 2000 or above, and then installed again using the standalone Snapshot Viewer setup. Office detects files have changed and attempts to “repair” them. The solution is to uninstall Snapshot Viewer using Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel, and then let Office repair the files.

Snapshot Viewer Setup Cannot Register MFC42.DLL

When installing the Microsoft Snapshot Viewer (mainly under Microsoft Windows NT 4.0), the message “Setup cannot register mfc42.dll in the system registry because an older version is in use. Close all applications and try again” is displayed during the file copy process and the installation fails.

This has been observed to occur on Compaq notebook and desktop systems using Compaq’s pre-loaded management software, although it will occur whenever a running program is using the MFC42.DLL library file.

One solution is to first uninstall the software in question, install Snapshot Viewer, then reinstall the software. It is also possible to work around the problem by installing the Snapshot Viewer, and when the error message appears, rename C:\WINNT\System32\MFC42.DLL to MFC42.OLD. The setup will then be able to install the file properly.

See also the Microsoft Knowledgebase:

Process Explorer from System Internals will assist in revealing which processes have the file open.

Snapshot Viewer Setup Silently Fails

Snapshot Viewer setup silently fails before completion on Windows Server 2003 systems. Thereafter Snapshot Viewer launches when opening a Snapshot file but does not display the snapshot file. This problem was fixed in Windows 2003 Service Pack 1.

Cadzow 2000 Does Not Offer Snapshot Option When Exporting to a File

This occurs if certain entries in the registry are missing or invalid. To create the appropriate entries, download the following file and merge it with your system's registry: FixSnapshotExport.reg.

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