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Changing your password

If you are using "Cadzow Security" then you have the ability to change your own password:

1. Open the Cadzow software using the USER NAME for which you want to change the password for.

2. From the MAIN MENU, choose CHANGE PASSWORD.

3. Type in the OLD PASSWORD.

4. Type the NEW PASSWORD. A password can be 1 to 14 characters long. Passwords are case-sensitive (ie. Upper and lower case does matter). Use non-trivial passwords to make access to your data harder. For example, "dog" is a terrible password. "doG01" is a much better password.

5. Retype the password in the CONFIRM NEW PASSWORD box.


You can't recover your password if you forget it, so be sure to store it in a safe place. If you forget your password, a "Supervisor" user must clear the password before you can log on, or call Cadzow.

For more information on "Guarding Against Theft and Protecting Your Data", see Article #1194.

If you are using "Network Security", then you need to approach your network administrator to find out how to change your network password.

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