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Using Cadzow Accounting Software for MS-DOS in 64-bit Windows

Microsoft Windows 64-bit editions do not allow the operation of 16-bit Windows applications or 16-bit text-based applications designed for MS-DOS, such as the suite of Cadzow Accounting Software packages. However these programs can be operated within a virtual environment called DOSBox.

To configure this environment:

  1. Create a subfolder somewhere to house the MS-DOS applications, such as C:\CADZOW\DOSAPPS.

  2. Move the \GL, \GL1, \GL2, \GL3, \CRED, \DEB, \PAY folders and GL.BAT, DEB.BAT, CRED.BAT and PAY.BAT into that folder. (Note not all systems will have all of those folders/files.)

  3. Download and install DOSBox for Windows.

  4. Create a shortcut with a command as follows:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\DOSBox-0.74\DOSBox.exe" C:\CADZOW\DOSAPPS\GL.BAT -exit -noconsole

    (Repeat as required for DEB.BAT, CRED.BAT, PAY.BAT.)

  5. Open %LOCALAPPDATA%\DOSBox\dosbox-0.74.conf (or equivalent) in Notepad.

  6. Under the [autoexec] section, enter



    Save the file.

You can now run DOSbox and use the programs by running the batch commands.

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