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Cadzow Software: New Stuff!


The searchable Cadzow Knowledgebase is now online. The Knowledgebase contains documentation for the Cadzow 2000 series of software, including troubleshooting and other types of information. It also contains technical and general articles such as those that have appeared in our newsletters, so even if you're not a Cadzow 2000 user you might find something that helps you out.

The Knowledgebase is being populated with all of the Cadzow 2000 manuals (although as of this writing not all content is online) and will henceforth be the standard repository of all knowledge and wisdom — at least as far as Cadzow 2000 is concerned. Unfortunately we can't answer any questions you may have about such matters as the Meaning of Life. (Although we come pretty close — see articles 1122 and 1343.)

Cadzow 2000 Now Available for Macintosh!

Okay, this is a sort of misleading statement. One of the most common questions we have received over a very long time is whether our software runs on the Macintosh, and the answer has always been “No”. However, Microsoft have released a Remote Desktop Client for Macintosh which allows Macintosh computers to run a remote session to a Windows 2000/2003 Terminal Server and run any program they like — including Cadzow 2000.

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