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Cadzow Software: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I implement a credit limit system?

A: Cadzow 2000 Accounts Receivable has an extensive system for dealing with credit limits, balance warnings and credit hold. The details are a little lengthy for this newsletter, so visit our website for Knowledgebase Article #1208.

Q: How can I quickly determine stock that isn't selling?

A: The stock on hand reports have an ability to only include stock which has not been invoiced for a certain period of time. Go to Stock Control, Enquiries, Next Step, Stock On Hand Report, set Positive Quantities Only and enter an appropriate date at Not Sold After such as six months ago.

Q: Can I print blank stationery?

A: Yes — there are a number of blank forms available under Accounts Receivable, Departments, (choose a department), F5 (Print). Also, Cadzow 2000 Time Manager and Job Manager now have a new Action Sheet which is handy for taking notes in meetings.

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