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Cadzow 2000 Startup Error — Low Environment Space

The MS-DOS environment table is a location in memory where values can be stored temporarily without needing to write data to disk. MS-DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, 98 and Me allocate a fixed amount of space for the environment but Windows NT/2000/XP and above expand the environment space as required. Cadzow 2000 uses a relatively large number of environment variables during its startup phase and therefore on Windows 9x systems the startup may fail. On Windows NT/2000 and above this should not be a problem.

Cadzow 2000 has some ability to detect and correct low environment space. If you receive the following message:

Cadzow 2000 has made changes to your SYSTEM.INI to enlarge the Environment space. Please reboot for changes to take effect.

… simply reboot and try launching Cadzow 2000 again.

However, there are also circumstances where Cadzow 2000 cannot detect the condition and manual intervention is required. All that is required is a change to \WINDOWS\SYSTEM.INI: locate the [NonWindowsApp] section. If there is a line that starts CommandEnvSize=, change it to read CommandEnvSize=2048. If there is no such line, add it. Save the file and reboot. If this does not help, repeat the procedure but increase the size by 1024.

Note: From approximately March 2002, the Cadzow 2000 startup script uses more environment variables. You may therefore find that Cadzow 2000 fails to launch on systems which previously exhibited no problem.

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