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Installing Cadzow 2000 Updates from CD


  • Each new Cadzow 2000 version contains all of the updates released previously. If you have several CDs, simply use the most recent and disregard the rest.

  • The update requires a password. Please call us to obtain the password.

  • The update only needs to be installed on one workstation. Cadzow 2000 updates are placed into a central location and the remaining workstations will obtain the updates automatically.

  • Internet download is the quickest and most efficient way to obtain Cadzow 2000 updates. Please let us know if you wish to be notified of downloadable Cadzow 2000 updates.

Installation Instructions

  1. Ensure Cadzow 2000 is closed on all machines and perform a backup.

  2. Insert the CD into your CD/DVD drive.

  3. Double-click My Computer, and double-click the appropriate drive letter (the volume label should be “Cadzow”).

  4. Double-click SETUP, then double-click CADZOW, then double-click Cadzow2000-20nnnnnnn-zzz.exe.

  5. You will be prompted:

    “Greetings, Welcome to Cadzow 2000. This process will update your Cadzow 2000 BIN directory with the latest program files. Please make a backup of your data before proceeding. Continue?” (Yes/No)

    Choose Yes. Follow the prompts. Enter the (case-sensitive) password when prompted.

  6. Enter the location to extract the files to; by default this is C:\CADZOW\SUCCESS7\BIN. However, if you are operating in a network environment, your location will be different — eg. may be similar to F:\CADZOW\SUCCESS7\BIN. Check with your administrator.

  7. You will be prompted:

    “The following file is already on your computer, do you wish to overwrite this file?” (Yes/Yes to All/No/No to All/Cancel)

    Choose Yes to All.

    The extraction process will only take a few seconds. Close the extraction wizard when completed.

  8. Open Cadzow 2000 on one machine only.

    1. If using SQL Server, the following message will be displayed:

      Because a Cadzow 2000 program update has recently been
      installed, Cadzow 2000 will now launch in a special mode
      which performs any required database modifications, then
      pre-links the main program file to your database. When
      finished, please close Cadzow 2000 and re-open it.
      Press any key to continue . . .

      Press any key.

    2. If using .MDB data files, this message is not shown.

    A new program file will be downloaded and, if required, the new program version will perform internal upgrades to the data. If this is necessary, you will be prompted:

    “The Cadzow data is about to be upgraded. Please ensure all other users have closed Cadzow on their systems. Cadzow may be used again when the upgrade has been completed and you see the main screen (if you choose NO you will be exited from the software).” (Yes/No/Cancel)

    Choose Yes.

    The data upgrade process may take a few seconds or a few minutes.

  9. Check the Cadzow 2000 program version to ensure the update is installed correctly — it should be the same as shown on the CD.

  10. When this process is finished, close Cadzow 2000 on your workstation.

    Other network users may log in to Cadzow 2000.

  11. Please call us to let us know the update is loaded successfully.


Each Cadzow 2000 update contains improvements and new features. We always try to make each new update behave the same way as previous updates to minimise disruption and user training. However, from time to time we change or remove certain features and this may require your attention. These are described here:

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