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Emailing Transactions in Plain Text

In Cadzow 2000 version 9.05.019 (May 2002) we added the ability to email invoices, purchase orders, bookings (and other transactions) in plain text format.

To email a plain text invoice/purchase order etc:

  1. Commit the transaction or load the transaction you are interested in using Accounts Receivable — Enquiries.

  2. Click Print/Preview.

    You will prompted whether to preview, print, export, email or fax the report:

  3. Choose Email.

  4. Choose Plain Text.

  5. Choose an email address (this is optional; you can type it into the message later).

    Alternatively, if you wish to send the message to a recipient inside your organisation, click Show Internal Users' Emails.

    If you wish to send the message to a recipient from another organisation, click Choose Organisation and select the organisation. That organisation's email addresses will appear in the Email Address field.

  6. Choose OK.

  7. An email message will be automatically generated for you. Make any changes and click Send.

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