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Cadzow 2000 reports "The files required to run Cadzow 2000 were not found" when running in Terminal Services session

When launching Cadzow 2000 within a Terminal Services session, you receive the above error.

This occurs in the following situation:

  1. You log in to Terminal Services as user X from machine A;

  2. You disconnect the session instead of logging out;

  3. You reconnect to the Terminal Services session as user X from machine B;

  4. Another person logs in to Terminal Services as user X from machine A.

The effect is that both sessions were originated from machine A as user X and have the same CLIENTNAME. Cadzow 2000 uses the CLIENTNAME environment variable to distinguish between Terminal Services sessions, and therefore does not allow the same user to be logged in more than once from the same machine.

Sharing usernames between users is supported but the assumption is made they are connecting from different workstations.

The solution is either:

  1. Always log out from a Terminal Services session rather than disconnect (ie. click Start, Log Off instead of clicking the cross in the top right hand corner):

  2. Configure the user accounts to allow reconnection only from the originating client; or

  3. Ensure each user has a distinct username.


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