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Business: Free Resources

Business Library: The Adelaide City Council and the State Government Department of Trade and Economic Development have combined resources to create a specialist Business Library at 235 Hutt Street, Adelaide. Any permanent South Australian resident is able to join.

"Better Business" Workshops: The South Australian Government has a range of free practical workshops full of new ideas and knowledge to develop existing small businesses who want to grow. Topics include business planning, legal contracts, marketing and product development.

Register of Business Consultants: Specialised business consultants are an efficient way to bring expertise into your organisation. However, for many businesses, finding the right person can be difficult. The Register of Business Consultants (RBC) is a database of accredited business consultants in South Australia and its website contains a powerful search engine (which happens to use Cadzow 2000 People Manager and Content Manager). The website also contains a number of articles written by consultants on a variety of topics which are interesting even if you don’t need a consultant.

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