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Cadzow Software: More Things

Cadzow Knowledgebase RSS Feed: RSS Feeds are a bit like a stock ticker for web pages. Except not really. Many news organisations and information technology sites are publishing updates via RSS Feeds, and now new and updated Cadzow Knowledgebase articles are available this way also.

Name Tags: Cadzow 2000 Contact Manager allows the heading, font, colour, size and logo to be specified on Name Tags. The person's title may also be turned on or off (requires Cadzow 2000 11.05.006).

Banking: The banking screen and reports have been given a bit of an overhaul. In addition, deposits are no longer grouped by the deposit date alone, and the amount of cash you bank can now be specified independently from the amounts of cash received, in case you keep some in the till (requires Cadzow 2000 11.04.008).

Enquiries: Has a few extra options related to banking, payment terms, stock and bookings (11.05.001) and more advanced export functions (requires Cadzow 2000 10.12.014).

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