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About Cadzow

The Cadzow Team

Our services are provided on a professional basis, rather than as a “shop”. The team is still looking after clients who first dealt with us over 25 years ago.

The Cadzow team has been involved in the computer industry since they were approached by a large Japanese computer manufacturer to design software for the accounting profession over 35 years ago. On completion the software was marketed nationally.

Clients include almost all business classifications and entities in Australia; government, government related bodies, medium to large corporations, the professions, industry and commerce, small business etc.

At the heart of our business philosophy is a clear requirement that the company only start projects that it believes it can successfully complete; projects that are strongly aligned to the capabilities and experience of the company.

How is Cadzow different?

We are quite different to most companies within the computer industry, in that we are not retail driven. Our method of operation surrounds our belief in professionalism.

Everybody who uses our services become clients in much the same way as they do when dealing with the traditional professions; we are then available to advise and look after them into the future.

We remain eager to serve our clients and create long term relationships.

Furthermore, in addition to supplying quality and professional IT services, we provide our clients with an environment in which they can obtain those services. Clients feel comfortable communicating with us, knowing that they will be dealt with professionally and personally. Users who feel intimidated dealing with their IT provider cannot receive the best service or advice.

For an overview of all the Cadzow software products, please see here, or for our professional services, here.

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