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Cadzow Survey Manager

What Is It?

  • A software package designed to help you track and measure the results from surveys and questionnaires in a consistent and easy manner.

  • Build your survey in a professional manner with easy setup and entry screens.

  • Concentrate on creating your survey and analysing the results.

  • Present the survey on screen so that the operator can immediately enter the answers or distribute printed blank surveys for keying in later.

  • Collate a wide range of reports which can be printed or emailed. Many reports include graphs for visual impact.


  • Questionnaires and Surveys

  • Employee Reviews

  • Telemarketing / Lead Generation

  • Market Research

  • Opinion Polling

  • Customer Surveys

  • Quality Assurance Surveys

  • Training Course Evaluations

  • Membership Surveys

  • Conference Evaluations

  • Trade Show Feedback Forms

  • Council & Political Surveys

  • Exams/Tests

  • Almost any survey or questionnaire…


  • Training Centres and Conference Organisers to track evaluation forms.

  • Organisations that conduct telemarketing, lead generation or market research.

  • Human Resources Departments.

  • Consultants can use it as a tool for collating information for their clients (business; quality assurance; best practice etc). Consultants could build up their surveys, making them better from project to project.

  • Can be used in a test or exam situations (by teachers, training organisations etc).

  • In fact, it is for anyone that wants to collect information from a range of sources then analyse it (accountants, legal firms, restaurants, associations, politicians etc).

Features: Setting Up Your Surveys

  • Ability to set up multiple surveys with different sets of questions.

  • Ability to setup different types of questions: Yes/No, Multiple Choice (with a single answer), Multiple Choice (with multiple answers), Written Answer, Image (eg. scanned map or photo), Number, Ranges (eg. 1 to 5; 1 to 10), Percent.

  • For each survey, you can easily add, modify or delete questions. You can choose which questions are compulsory:

  • Ability to “test” surveys and mark them as such, so that they are not included in the survey reports.

  • “Survey Headings” can be set up if you want to have different sections.

  • Printed blank surveys. The software does the layout of the survey for you. Excellent for In Person, Telephone, Facsimile or Paper responses:

  • Questions can be modified and rearranged over time.

Features: Entering Survey Results

  • Supports various methods of collecting survey answers: in Person, Telephone, Facsimile, Paper, Internet (but answers will need to be keyed into the Cadzow software)

  • Some users (eg. Telemarketers) may wish to enter the answers directly into the computer.

  • Using either the mouse or keyboard to answer questions.

  • Able to skip/branch to later questions.

  • Ability to terminate surveys mid survey and give reason.

  • Ability to jump back to old questions, in case the respondent wants to change or review their answers.

Features: Analyse & Print Reports

  • Once the survey answers have been entered, you have instant access to the wide range of reports.

  • You can analyse the productivity of your operators, for various surveys and time frames:

  • Questions can be asked about the surveys:

Other Features

  • Export survey answers as a text file for mail merging in your word processor.

  • Export survey answers into a spreadsheet file for further analysis (such as Microsoft Excel’s Pivot Table feature).

  • Supervisor can set up respondents to be surveyed and allocate to a particular operator and review answers.

  • Operators can view list of respondents to contact.

  • For each respondent it tracks which surveys they have done and whether they don’t want to be contacted again.

  • Security: two types of access: access to all options and access to only enter survey answers.

  • Ability to import from Marketing Pro (a package that contains residents/businesses listings on CD).

  • Can be used by multiple users, either on the same computer or across a network.

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