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Symantec pcAnywhere Issues

Error Updating Registry

When attempting to launch a connection to a Remote, pcAnywhere reports: Failed to update the system registry. Please try using REGEDIT.

This occurs because pcAnywhere is attempting to create a registry key but cannot due to restrictive permissions.

The simplest solution is to log on as a local administrator and try again (or temporarily grant the user administrator rights, log out and log back in). On Windows Vista/2008, UAC also needs to be disabled.

Alternatively, open a command prompt in elevated mode and type:

REG ADD HKCR\CLSID\{BB5B3545-AB84-11D4-B53B-00600833DEC7}\InprocHandler32 /ve /t REG_SZ /d ole32.dll

Once this key is created, pcAnywhere no longer requires administrator or elevated privileges.

Error: 2743 NAPISRV.EXE

When installing pcAnywhere 9.0 on Windows 95 you may receive this error.

Solution: Install DCOM and latest applicable version of Windows Installer.

Cannot find WIN.COM after installing pcAnywhere

This occurs because pcAnywhere incorrectly overwrites the PATH statement in AUTOEXEC.BAT instead of appending to it.

Solution: Boot Windows into MS-DOS mode (Windows 95: hold down Shift key while booting, Windows 98/Me: hold down Ctrl key) and change the line that reads:




Windows 2000 does not start after installing pcAnywhere 9.0.1

This occurs because pcAnywhere 9.0.1 is not compatible with Windows 2000. pcAnywhere 9.2/9.2.1 corrected this.

Solution: Start Windows 2000 in safe mode, uninstall pcAnywhere and reboot. Then reinstall pcAnywhere, and when prompted to reboot, choose No. Then apply the pcAnywhere 9.2.1 patch. Then reboot.

pcAnywhere crashes when starting File Transfer

When launching File Transfer on the Remote (client), a dialog appears with the following error:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Runtime Error!
Program: C:\Program Files\Symantec\pcAnywhere\awrem32.exe
abnormal program termination

In addition, File Transfer does not start and the Remote Control window closes. The pcAnywhere screen does not reappear.

A precise cause and solution for this problem is not known, but restarting the host and remote systems, and power-cycling the modem at each end seems to solve it.

pcAnywhere stops responding when browsing certain directories with File Transfer

File Transfer may start normally but stops responding when browsing a directory:

  • The directory pane goes grey and the mouse cursor turns into an hourglass.

  • Remote control does not respond to any keyboard and mouse commands.

  • File Transfer cannot be closed and Remote Control does not allow the session to be ended while File Transfer is running.

  • The only solution is to physically disconnect the cable.

  • The host system then crashes with a STOP error and reboots.

This occurs because the directory contains a spanned, password-protected ZIP file. A spanned ZIP file consists of many small files instead of a single large file. The first file is called, the second is, the third is and so on.

Workaround: rename the first file ( to This prevents the system attempting to examine the contents of the file.

Installable Virtual Device Driver failed DLL initialization

After uninstalling pcAnywhere and possibly manually removing the \Program Files\Symantec folder, you receive the error:

  • <path>S32evnt1.dll. An installable Virtual Device Driver failed DLL initialization.

This occurs because a virtual device driver is referenced in the registry but the files no longer exist. The registry reference must be removed manually. See

Keyboard Not Responsive, System Uses Default VGA Driver

Device manager reports:

  • Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

This occurs because a virtual device driver (aw_host) is referenced in the registry but the files no longer exist. The registry reference must be removed manually. See

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