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When deleting a person or organisation you receive a message "STOP! You cannot delete..."


For safety reasons, you can not delete a person (or organisation) if there are still history comments against them. If you decide you really want to delete the person (or organisation), then you must first delete all the history comments.


  1. Load the person or organisation you are interested in deleting.

  2. Click the DELETE button (middle top of screen).

  3. If you receive the message: "STOP! You cannot delete this organisation as it has entries (Time Comments or Time entries) allocated to it...".

    If you want to delete this person anyway, then delete all their history comments first:

  • From the CONTROL PANEL on the right, click HISTORY.

  • Select the history comments and press the DELETE key (to select comment(s), click on bar to the left of the comment record).

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