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Determining which transactions comprise General Ledger entries

Entries exported to the General Ledger are grouped and totalled by analysis account (see Article 1255 for more information).

Therefore it is possible (and common) for a very large number of entries entered in Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable to appear as a much smaller number of entries in the General Ledger.

It is possible to determine what how these entries were calculated. In the General Ledger, the Reference number is the General Ledger Export Batch Number, and the Comment is the Analysis Account description.

So the procedure is:

  1. Determine the Reference number and Comment of the entry you are interested in.

  2. Use Cadzow 2000 Enquiries, and click on Advanced. Next to Analysis Account, click Particular and enter the General Ledger comment.

  3. Next click Advanced III - Batches. Next to GL Export Batch click Particular and enter the General Ledger reference number.

  4. Click Next.

    The Enquiry will show all transactions for that batch which contained that Analysis Account. Note that the totals shown are the transaction totals so it is not possible to simply add up the transactions to obtain the value shown in the General Ledger. To determine the items that contribute to the total is is necessary to open each transaction and examine the line items.

    Alternatively you can then click Export, then choose Export - Transactions that involve stock to obtain a detailed, flat listing of the items in those transactions.

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