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ADSL2 — How Fast Should My Connection Be?

ADSL1 is capable of up to 8Mbps, and ADSL2+ is capable of up to 24Mbps. However, the speed you obtain at your location is dependent on several factors:

  1. The distance from the exchange;

  2. The quality of the cabling between the exchange and your location;

  3. The quality of the cabling within your premises;

  4. The capabilities of your modem/router.

To determine a rough estimate of what speed you can expect at your location, enter your address at The pin at your location shows the approximate cable distance and expected speed.

Then check Internode's chart of expected performance vs distance.

Use, and for a more realistic test of your site's capabilities.

Note that your ADSL modem/router will report a maximum download and upload speed, but this is an estimate based on the signal on the line, and is likely to be the maximum attainable speed. In reality, the speed achieved depends on the capacity at the other end and other traffic in the system etc., and there is a certain amount of network overhead that reduces the maximum bit rate to the attained transfer rate.

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