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McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection

Cadzow is pleased to offer MCAFEE SAAS ENDPOINT PROTECTION (formerly known as McAfee Total Protection Service, McAfee Total Protection for Small Business and McAfee Managed VirusScan plus AntiSpyware) to its clients.

McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection is a no-nonsense realtime and on-demand virus scanner service that is easily deployed and easily updated.

By clicking on a URL, the necessary software will be downloaded to your computer and immediately protect it from viruses and other threats. Thereafter it will quietly keep itself updated as new signatures and engines are released. This does not take a great amount of bandwidth because the updates are incremental.

McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection reports back to a central server information such as the engine/signature version in use and viruses found. Cadzow staff then review this information regularly to ensure your systems are kept as safe as possible.

This is the “managed” part of the service — while McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection will work in the background and keep itself updated, if the system requires attention either because the system is not being updated or unusual virus activity is being reported, these can be brought to your attention and remedied.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which operating systems are supported?
    Windows XP (32/64-bit), Windows 2003 (32-bit) and Windows Vista/2008/7 (32/64-bit) and latest Service Packs are supported.

  • Which operating systems are not supported?
    Windows 95/98/Me, Windows NT 3.x/4.x, Windows 2000 are not supported.
    Other operating systems (Unix, Linux, MacOS etc) are not supported.

  • Does it scan emails?
    Yes. McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection supports realtime and on-demand scanning of messages in Microsoft Outlook (but not Outlook Express).

  • Does it detect spyware?
    Yes. Threats classified as Jokes, Spyware, Dialers, Password Crackers, Adware and other Potentially Unwanted Applications are detected in addition to traditional viruses, trojans and worms. McAfee's technology is also good at detecting generic exploits (such as Exploit-PNGfile), buffer overflows, which are a common way for worms to inject themselves into a system, and some generic phishing techniques.

    Feature/operating system matrix:

    Realtime Virus Detection ΧΧ
    Generic Exploit DetectionΧΧ
    Buffer Overflow DetectionΧΧΧΧ
    Spyware Program DetectionΧΧ
    Spyware Cookie DetectionΧΧ
    Script ScanningΧΧ
    Outlook 97/200X ScanningΧΧ
    Outlook Express ScanningΧΧN/AN/A
    Windows Mail ScanningN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
    Archive ScanningΧΧ

    † Although this feature is not supported on this platform, any known malicious file would be detected by the realtime scanner before it could be executed. ‡ Spyware cookies are only removed during an on-demand scan to avoid interferring with browser usage.

  • What happens to my existing anti-virus system?
    Most anti-virus programs will be automatically uninstalled. However, manually uninstalling the existing anti-virus system and rebooting before installing McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection is preferable. (In particular, McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.x must be uninstalled manually.)

  • Does it use the same engine and signature technology from McAfee's other products?
    Yes. In our opinion, McAfee's engine is a superior anti-virus technology.

  • How often are updates applied?
    McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection will check for updates five minutes after connecting to the internet. Thereafter, it checks for updates every four hours. (An update can consist of a combination of signature, engine and/or program updates, but usually it is just signature updates.) Signature updates are issued each weekday, or more frequently as required. Engine updates are typically issued once or twice a year.

  • How can I tell if the system is up to date?
    Right-click the McAfee “shield” icon () in the system tray, and choose Open Console.

  • What if I buy a new computer or reinstall Windows on an existing computer?
    We will delete the existing machine from the system and the new machine will be added when you reinstall McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection. You do not need to apply for any subscription changes, but let us know if it happens.

  • Can I try before I buy?
    Yes — send us an email for installation instructions. After installation, your system will appear on our McAfee control panel. After a week or so, we'll contact you to see if you wish to keep using the service. If not, simply uninstall it from your system.

  • Is there any physical media?
    No — McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection is obtained via web download (< 100Mb). Although you may install McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection immediately, it generally takes a week to process your subscription, and then you will receive a McAfee licence certificate.


McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection is a subscription service. The starting price is $93.50 inc GST per workstation for a three-year subscription ($3.06 per machine per month).

When McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection is installed, the system will appear on Cadzow's McAfee control panel. We will then contact you to arrange invoicing for the subscription service.

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