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Consulting Services

In addition to IT support services, Cadzow TECH Pty Ltd provides a range of consulting services, for such matters as acquisitions, tenders and problems.

We invite businesses to discuss their requirements with us before making a decision about substantial projects. Such advice is sometimes included with our fixed-fee service, and sometimes quoted separately. You don't need to be an existing client to use these ad-hoc services.

  • Virtual C-Suite.

    Large organisations have dedicated CIO (Chief Information Officer), CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) and CTO (Chief Technology Officer) roles. Mid-range organisations may combine these roles, usually into the CIO role. Some smaller organisations may simply use their IT manager to deal with technology and security matters.

    But smaller organisations without dedicated internal ICT management and with a small board will not have any established processes to address the issues managed by these C-level roles. We can perform these roles for you, or simply chair meetings.

  • Professional advice, particularly in regards to software projects and specialty hardware acquisitions.

    Starting a software project or the procurement of a piece of hardware/infrastructure/equipment can be daunting where the organisation has no in-house ability to consider technical issues. In these situations we can act as a translator between you and the vendor, advise on issues that may arise later and otherwise fill the gap between your knowledge and the vendors'.

  • Analysis of problems which may be bouncing back and forth between vendors.

    The classic IT dilemma — a hardware vendor and a software vendor blaming each other for some problem — is not going away, particularly in an era where IT firms are becoming more “vertical”, and thus have less ability or will to investigate anything they can suggest is outside their product's responsibility. We can draw on a great deal of both hardware and software knowledge to, frequently, find the cause of problems, or at least give you some advice about which vendor should be taking responsibility.

  • Business sales.

    When businesses change hands, many technical issues are not addressed and this creates problems later when vendors or purchasers find themselves in a situation they did not expect. The classical model for business sales is for agents, lawyers and accountants to consider plant, equipment, stock and contracts but underlying infrastructure is often ignored. We can advise purchasers or vendors — or both simultaneously, in a collegial, collaborative way — to ensure the business ownership changes with as few technical problems as possible.

  • Client advocate.

    We can assist in an any situation where non-technical people need to interact with technical people and are finding themselves overwhelmed or not being listened to.

  • Project management.

    We have particular skills in managing IT projects on behalf of clients.

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