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Safe Web Browsing Habits

Although using a firewall, maintaining an anti-virus program and installing operating system & application updates are the main ways to keep safe on the internet, it is equally important to use safe web browsing habits.

Many types of adware/spyware will enter your system simply because it was able to convince you to accept a downloaded file.


  • Don't click on links in emails, especially if they are asking you do to something, such as log in to your online banking. This is a phishing attack, or it may be trying to trick you into downloading a virus or spyware.

  • Don't download programs from unknown sources.

  • Don't download “free” screensavers, search toolbars or other so-called entertainment programs. These are common ways of obtaining adware and spyware.

  • Don't accept downloaded files or ActiveX controls unless you know exactly what you are downloading. Many spyware programs masquerade as legitimate or useful programs in order to trick you into downloading and installing them.

    For example, you will see a dialog similar to the following:

    Always click Don't Install.

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