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How can I do a spell check, if there's no spell checker?

Many websites (and software packages) do not have inbuilt spell checkers. Or if they do, they are in American English.

An easy and cheap solution is to first type up your wording in another package, such as Microsoft Word, do a spell check (and maybe a grammar check), then copy and paste the wording into the website (or other software package).

This hint is particularly useful if you participate in Internet discussion forums. To save embarrassment, first run your words through the spell checker in Microsoft Word.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Open Microsoft Word.

  2. Type up your wording.

  3. Do a spell check (TOOLS MENU / SPELLING).

  4. Highlight the text and choose COPY (EDIT MENU / COPY or Ctrl-C).

  5. Go to your other application (say the website or whatever).

  6. Click in the field you want to place the wording into.

  7. PASTE the wording (How you can actually paste depends on the application, but generally you can use Ctrl-V, or EDIT MENU / PASTE, or right click then choose PASTE).

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