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Cadzow Debtors Ledger Package: Cannot Reprint Invoices Dated after 2004


You are attempting to reprint invoices dated after 31/12/2004 using one of the following options:

  • Menu Five Option 1 (Reprint Invoices/Credit Notes)

  • Menu Five Option 2 (Reprint Invoices/Credit Notes (Showing Cost & Profit))

  • Menu Five Option 3 (Reprint Invoices/Credit Notes (By Search String))

  • Menu Five Option 4 (Reprint Invoices/Credit Notes (By Order Number))

  • Menu Five Option 5 (Reprint Invoices/Credit Notes (By Debtor))

… but no invoices appear.


This occurs because the default date range for those options is “01/01/80” (01/01/1980) to “31/12/04” (31/12/2004) and thus any invoices dated 01/01/05 (01/01/2005) or after are ignored.

There are two remedies:

  1. When prompted:

    To Date...: 31/12/04

    Change the date to “31/12/10” (or some other date in the future).

  2. The program can be manually modified to always prompt for a later date:

    1. Ensure all users have exited the Cadzow Debtors Ledger Package.

    2. Open a command-prompt (if using Windows).

    3. Type:

      COPY \DEB\DREP999.P \DEB\DREP999.P2

      and press Enter.

    4. Type:

      EDIT \DEB\DREP999.P

      and press Enter.

    5. Press F3 (Search), enter “311204” and press Enter.

      You will be taken to a line which reads:


      (Note the line also contains a number of trailing spaces.)

    6. Position the cursor on the 0 (zero).

    7. Press Ins (Insert) to enter overtype mode.

    8. Type “10”.

      The 04 should be replaced by 10.

    9. Press Alt-F (File) and X (Exit). You will be prompted:

      The file 'C:\DEB\DREP999.P' has not been saved yet. Save it now?

    10. Press Y (Yes).

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