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Creating Letters: Simple Letters

There are two ways of generating letters using people/organisations from Cadzow (simple and via Microsoft Word Mail Merge). This article explains the process for Simple Letters.

For an overview explanation of letters, please click here.

Simple Letters

The software can help you in creating simple letters. If you are using the same wording over and over again, then you can set up letter templates.

  1. Perform your MAIN MENU/ENQUIRIES search to find the people/organisations that interest you.

  2. At the second screen (“step 2”), click GENERATE BULK LETTERS (at base of your screen).

  3. Choose whether you want a LETTER or FAX.

  4. Choose the LETTER TEMPLATE you want to use (or simply type up the letter)

  5. You can edit THIS letter (this does not change the original wording the template).

  6. When ready, choose GENERATE (and print the letters).

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