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Getting Connected to the Internet

There are currently two basic ways to connect to the Internet.

Dial-Up Connection

This is called a Dial-Up Account, because your computer goes through a process similar to dialling a phone number to gain access. It uses a normal telephone line (hence making that line engaged to any incoming calls).

Each time you connect it’s a telephone call charge PLUS whatever your Internet Service Provider (ISP) charges for giving you access to the Internet.

Broadband Connection

Broadband is the term used for any kind of fast Internet access. Broadband is designed to give a business or residential user instant Internet access 24 hours a day.

Why choose broadband?

  • Might be cheaper than a dial up connection (taking into account telephone calls costs). There are no additional dial-up charges to connect each time you use the service.

  • Much faster transmission speeds. Generally 10-20 times faster than your existing dial-up modem. A typical dial-up modem operates at either 28.8 kbit/s or 56 kbit/s. A broadband connection operates at between 256 kbit/s and 10 Mbit/s, depending on the service you have selected.

  • Does not tie up a normal telephone line (work in conjunction with it). So people can call you up even when you're online surfing the net. Therefore there is no need to pay for a second phone line.

  • You are always connected to the internet. As long as your computer is switched on, you can be connected to the Internet.

  • Broadband's high speed gives you access to applications that are either not feasible at the speed of a dial-up connection or just annoyingly slow.

About your Internet connection:

My ISP (Internet Service Provider) is: _________________

The type of internet connection I have is: __________________

What I need to do to Connect to the Internet: _______________________

What I need to do to Disconnect: __________________________

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