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Internet Addresses

What is an Internet Address?

Every webpage on the Internet has its own Internet address. Just like your home or work has its own unique address that will help anyone in the world find you.

How to enter an internet address

Type the website address in the ADDRESS BAR (at the top of the screen) and press ENTER.


  • Telstra White Pages can be found at
    www = it's on the "world wide web", whitepages = it's main name (domain), com = commercial organisation, au = Australia

  • BBC Website
    In the United Kingdom they use co instead of com for commercial organisation, uk = United Kingdom

  • Dilbert Cartoons
    American sites usually do not have a country code. Hence just the ".com"

Due to the constantly evolving nature of the Internet, some parts of these notes, especially the addresses, may become dated. So when you re-read these notes, it’s useful to keep in mind the date you attended the course/printed this page.

Does your organisation have an internet address? If so, what is it?

How to navigate around websites

You do not have to enter the address everytime you want to move to another page.

Most webpages have "links" or "hyperlinks" to other pages. A link can be a picture, a 3-D image, or coloured text (usually underlined). Just click on the link and wait a moment for the new page to appear.

You can see whether an item on a page is a hyperlink by moving the mouse pointer over the item. If the pointer changes to a hand, the item is a hyperlink.

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