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Default Transaction Comments Retired

Prior to version 12.03.007, Cadzow 2000 supported three types of default transaction comments:

  • Invoice/purchase/purchase order message appearing above line items;

  • Invoice/purchase/purchase order message appearing after total; and

  • Receipt/payment message.

These messages could be set up under the following options:

  • Accounts ReceivableMiscellaneous SettingsInvoices;

  • Accounts ReceivableMiscellaneous SettingsReceipts;

  • Accounts PayableMiscellaneous SettingsPurchase Orders;

  • Accounts PayableMiscellaneous SettingsPurchases; and

  • Accounts PayableMiscellaneous SettingsPayments.

These messages would be copied onto new transactions which the user could then edit. The comments were stored with each transaction. Any changes to the default comment would not reflect in any existing transactions.

These comments have been retired and will no longer function as defaults.

It is still possible to enter the comments for each transaction. It is also still possible to use the dynamic comments which appear on every transaction but are not stored with each transaction. The system has a set of dynamic comments which are global, and each department has a set of dynamic comments.

The original purpose of these comments was to allow a boilerplate text to be modified at data entry. However, the actual usage of these comments has been to apply a static comment to each transaction, and this has the effect of creating much larger data files and slower response generally.

Upon loading Cadzow 2000 12.03.007 or greater, any transaction comments which are identical to the current default comment will be erased. The default comment will be appended to the existing dynamic comment. Thus many transactions, when reprinted, will look the same as previously. Any transactions with comments which are different to the default comment will be unchanged. These transactions, when reprinted, may appear to show the same comments twice if they happen to be similar but not identical.

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