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Cadzow 2000 Disk Space Warning Messages

Because Cadzow 2000 data files grow as entries are added, and creates temporary files when generating enquiries and reports, it is important that the system drive and data drives have sufficient free space for this activity.

Modern hard disk drives usually contain more space than users can reasonably use, but it is still quite common for drives to fill up due to an excess of temporary files, internet downloads, backups and other flotsam.

Disk Space Checks

Upon startup, Cadzow 2000 checks the free space in the TEMP directory and the data directory and issues a warning to the user if it is too low.

The first warning is at 300Mb free space. Cadzow 2000 displays the following message:

Drive C:\ contains less than 300Mb of free space.
It only has 166Mb available.
It may not be safe to continue processing.
Please exit and consult your System Administrator.

At this point, the message is a warning only and the user may continue working. However, it is recommended that the situation be remedied.

The second warning is at 50Mb. Cadzow 2000 displays the following message:

Drive C:\ contains less than 50Mb of free space.
It only has 21Mb available.
It is NOT safe to continue processing.
You will now be exited from the software.

Cadzow 2000 will then exit, because 50Mb of free space is very low and data damage will occur if disk space drops to zero.


A common instinct to resolve low available space when dealing with a business database is to archive old transactions and delete inactive contact information.

This is not possible with Cadzow 2000, as it stores all entries forever and they cannot be deleted for auditing purposes.

Furthermore, although it is common to have some contact information which is not used, contacts only take a few hundred bytes of storage and therefore attempting to delete them will not help at all.

Another instinct is to delete old documents or emails. This is equally pointless — you are most likely to end up deleting a lot of important information without solving the problem. This is because documents and emails are quite small and even deleting thousands will only recover a few megabytes.

For further discussion, Freeing Disk Space.

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