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Using Purchase Orders

A purchase order is a request to a supplier for goods and services.

Purchase orders may be entered using Accounts PayableNew Purchase Orders. These are entered in the same way as invoices and purchases, and can be printed, faxed and emailed in the usual way.

  • Purchase orders are not included in reports (except Enquiries reports which specifically show them), BAS reports or General Ledger exports.

  • Stock included in purchase orders do not affect stock on hand values.

  • Purchase orders can be uncommitted (using SpecialUncommit this order), modified and recommitted. A comment is added to the entry to record the fact. Since purchase orders are not accounting entries they can be modified indefinitely. However, you should not continually send modified orders to your suppliers as they may double-supply. It's generally best to request the order be cancelled and issue a new purchase order. (A new purchase order can be created by copying an existing purchase order using Ctrl-F2.)

  • If a stock code has a part number for that supplier, it will be shown on the purchase order. (Stock ControlStock & ServicesSuppliers & Customers.)

  • To create a purchase entry from a purchase order, open the purchase order, use SpecialMark some of this order as received. A purchase entry will be created, based on the contents of the purchase order. Enter the date and supplier invoice number and modify the line items as required and commit. (The original purchase order is not modified to reflect the new stock.)

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