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Cadzow 2000 Weblink System Requirements

Web Servers

Cadzow Weblink is the web interface component of Cadzow 2000. It can be run on your own network or on your ISP's network. In the latter case, typically a copy of your data is regularly uploaded to your website. If you are using it internally, it can run on the same server as the data or a different server.

It is written in ASP.NET and requires:

  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 or better (ie. Windows Vista or better); and

  • An SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) host.

    Some components of Cadzow Weblink send emails, both to end-users/administrators of the system and us as developers (for troubleshooting and error reporting). ASP.NET sends email via SMTP; MAPI and other mail systems are not supported. If you do not operate your own SMTP host internally, simply use your ISP's mail host.

Note that although Cadzow Weblink will run on IIS 5.1 (Windows XP), we will not deploy on this platform due to Windows XP reaching end of support.

Web Server Performance

ISPs typically use very high capacity machines, with multiple processors and large amounts of RAM. If you find performance is poor because you have many users hitting the website simultaneously, consider upgrading your web hosting plan to use a dedicated machine.

If you are hosting Weblink on your own equipment, adding memory to the IIS machine will improve performance, but adding memory is a diminishing return so this should be considered carefully. Hardware requirements for Cadzow Weblink are not great with a small number of simultaneous connected users. When examining performance, you need to consider the memory usage, number of users and internet bandwidth being consumed.

Web Server Security

  • Secure your web server and host operating system using anti-virus software, firewalls and software updates. See Security Primer for a fuller discussion.

  • IIS servers should be configured to use URLScan, which can mitigate against certain attacks on IIS/ASP.NET by validating URLs. URLScan functionality is built into IIS 6.0 and later (Windows 2003 and later) but must be installed as an add-on for IIS 5.1 (Windows XP).

  • If your environment allows it, run your web server on non-standard ports to deflect internet worm attacks and other probes.

Browser Support

Cadzow Weblink is regularly tested on modern versions of common web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox for design, layout and function. (Note some web server configuration may be required for non-MS browsers.) We regularly test on other browsers, although we make no guarantees. If you have issues with other browsers, please let us know the name and version and send a screenshot.

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