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Sending Bulk Email

  1. Using Cadzow Contact Manager or Cadzow People Manager, choose Enquiries — Contacts.

  2. Specify any criteria you wish to search for, such as Profiles, and choose Next Step (Results).

  3. When the results are displayed, choose the Send Email/Faxes/Text tab.

  4. Choose Emails under What do you want to send?

  5. Choose Generate An Email String.

  6. If you wish to record a history comment, enter some text into History Comments (eg. “Sent email re newsletter”). This will be added to each entity's History Comments, along with the email address used for the mailout.

    If you do not need this, untick the option.

  7. Choose whether to limit to opted-in emails. This is enabled by default. The opt-in setting for each email allows people to opt-out of receiving bulk communications from you, but they may still receive individual communications such as invoices or other system-generated emails like letters.

  8. Click Generate An Email String.

  9. Highlight all the emails in the box, and press Ctrl-C to copy them into memory.

  10. Start a new email message and paste (Ctrl-V) the addresses into the BCC field (see Sending Email Using BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) in Outlook), compose the message and send.

If you receive some returned (failed) messages, you can find out what person/organisation it is attached to by using Advanced Search Criteria / Email Address Contains in Enquiries or use Email Management under Accounts Receivable / Organisations. Then mark the address as inactive.

Sending Faxes or SMS Text Messages

This option can also be used to send faxes or SMS if you have a system which supports email to fax or email to SMS. Some ISPs provide SMS services in this way and some versions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Small Business Server and some corporate email systems have email fax transports.

To do this:

  1. Follow the procedure as above, but choose Faxes or Text Messages under What do you want to send?.

  2. The screen will then prompt for the Prefix and Suffix for the email. Enter the codes required by your system or use one of the predefined Formats in the drop-down list.

  3. Click Generate String.

  4. Use the resulting emails to send a message. When sending faxes or SMS it is not usually required to use BCC so simply paste the addresses into the To field.


  • Some systems are fussy about the format of the email string, so this will work best if all the fax/mobile numbers in the system have a correctly formatted area code (eg. “08” or “0409”). If the area code of any numbers is simply included in the number itself, it may not be able to formatted properly.

    When using a predefined format, Cadzow 2000 knows how to format the numbers correctly. If you are using a manually-entered prefix and suffix and the numbers are not formatted correctly, let us know what is required and we will include it in the predefined list.

  • When sending SMS, some systems require the message in the Subject and some in the Message Body.

  • Some fax systems render the fax image locally and some at the gateway (remotely). If the latter, this usually means faxing only supports common document types such as .PDF or .DOC. Other formats may not be supported, such as .XLS or Snapshots (.SNP). If this is the case, convert the document to a supported format first.

    If the fax system renders locally, any format supported on your system should be able to be faxed.

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