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Mobile Phone Scams

June, 2006 — We have become aware of new types of scams involving mobile phones.

  • SMS Scam — The scammer sends an empty or nonsensical SMS.

    This is designed to provoke you to reply, which then triggers your opt-in of a subscription service (of one type or another), by considering your reply message as permission.

  • SMS Scam 2 — Scammer sends reasonable-sounding message to provoke you into replying, which triggers an opt-in.

    Example: Your plan is due for renewal! To upgrade your monthly member credit & bonus option or to optout call our customer care team on 1300xxxxxx.

  • Missed Call Scam — The scammer rings your number but disconnects immediately. You receive a missed call notification in your phone.

    This is designed for you to call the missed number, which is actually an expensive pay-per-minute service.

If you receive mysterious SMS messages or unrecognised phone calls, do not reply, respond or answer.

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