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Wrong Website Appears After Typing Address

If you enter a website address into Internet Explorer, such as “”, and press ENTER, the browser loads an unrelated page.

This occurs because you have a Favourite called “” and the address is the location the web browser takes you to (eg. “”).

When you enter a name in the address bar of Internet Explorer, it first checks the file system for a matching name. If none is found, it assumes the address is a web address and prefixes the typed address with “http://”, which is the proper syntax for a website. However, if a matching filename is found, Internet Explorer loads it, and if the file happens to be a shortcut, the browser opens the file or website referred to by the shortcut. In the instance of opening a Favourite with a filename called “”, the actual filename is

The solution is to rename the favourite so it doesn't start with “www.”, or delete it.

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