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Generating a List of Customers (or Suppliers) dealt with during a specified time period

A list of customers (or suppliers) that you have dealt with (say over the last 6 months) may be generated by tagging those organisations and then generating a list of tagged organisations:

  1. Untag all organisations using Contact ManagerEnquiries — Contacts.

    Click Next Step.

    All organisations are displayed.

    Click Tagging, then Untag All. Follow the prompts, then click Close to close the Tagging dialog.

    Click Close to exit Contact Manager Enquiries.

  2. Tag organisations that you have dealt with using Accounts ReceivableEnquiries.

    Choose the date range.

    If you want only customers choose ALL ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE, if you only want suppliers, choose TYPE = ALL ACCOUNT PAYABLE. Click Next Step.

    All matching transactions are shown.

    Click the Special tab.

    Click Tag all organisations in the results.

    Click Close to close the Enquiries screen.

  3. Print a list of tagged organisations using Contact ManagerEnquiries — Contacts.

    Select Tagged Entries Only.

    Click Next Step.

    Click the Reports tab.

    Choose the report options required (eg. Simple List, then tick address/phone/email etc).

    If you want to print mailing labels, click the LABELS/ENVELOPE button at the base of the screen.

    Click Print Preview.

See also Marking Old Customers/Suppliers Inactive.

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