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Cadzow Software: the Artwork

Not many dry, dusty accounting software packages have cartoon art to go with them. Artist Tim Howe did some great drawings for us.

The following appeared on our brochures from 1992 to 1997, and the idea was the man was suffering under a paper nightmare for which the solution was, obviously, Cadzow Accounting Software. This image was scanned using a narrow hand-scanner and thus was in two strips. We had trouble joining the two strips and you can see the line if you look carefully. The scanned image was then converted to smooth lines using CorelDRAW so it could be reproduced at high resolution. In those days, artwork was generally output to a high-resolution Linotronic device (about 2500 dpi) from which printing plates were created. (These days, if you even bothered to have hard-copy brochures, printing plates can be created digitally directly from the source files.)

This art was never used in public, but the idea was that Cadzow Accounting Software was so powerful, an operator had to wear all sorts of protective clothing before getting started for the day:

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