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Using Nero Express to Backup to CD/DVD

Backup Suggestions

  • Perform backup roughly each month after accounting processing.

  • Remove media offsite. (Why?)

Backup Procedure

  1. Insert a new CD-R or DVD disk.

  2. Close all applications.

  3. On the desktop click Nero Express Essentials.

    Or use StartProgramsNero 7 EssentialsDataNero Express Essentials.

  4. In the left pane, choose Data, then in the right pane choose Data CD or Data DVD as required.

    The Nero Express project wizard will be displayed.

  5. Click Add.

  6. Under Location, use the drop-down box to choose Local Disk (C:).

  7. In the Shortcut list, click My Documents.

  8. Single-click in the file list where the folders are shown and press Ctrl-A.

    All the folders will be highlighted.

  9. Click Add.

    (It will take a few moments to add the files to the project.)

  10. Repeat for any other folders required.

  11. When finished, click Close to close the file selection dialog.

    The project wizard shows how large the backup will be and how many disks it may require.

  12. Click Next.

    Ensure the Current Recorder is set correctly (ie if you have more than one optical drive).

  13. Click Burn.

  14. When finished, close Nero Express Essentials. You do not need to save the project.

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