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Casual Support Services for Home, Small Office/Home Office Users

Cadzow TECH Pty Ltd provides a casual (ad-hoc) telephone support service for home, small office and home office (SOHO) users with 1-3 PCs.†

The service is invoiced by the minute, at $3.30 including GST per minute, and may be accessed by telephone or email.

When contacted by telephone, the number of minutes is the length of the call. When contacted by email or fax, the standard charge is 5 minutes for a reply, which may contain a full answer or suggest further work is required depending on complexity. We won't spend a long time crafting a reply; you can choose whether to keep going.

The service can be used for help, troubleshooting, advice or any circumstance where you wish to talk to an experienced IT consultant without feeling the need to buy something.

Generally we will make a charge where a query was resolved, or, absent a specific resolution, a worthwhile conversation took place. For example, we may refer you to another source of information which is still valuable advice. But if we can't help, there's no charge. We won't make up answers in an attempt to charge you.

The individual charges are not invoiced until your total reaches $55.00 including GST, but invoices are only issued monthly so your total charges may be greater than $55.00 for the month. Please let us know if you would like warnings about the uninvoiced charges that accumulate. (If we are issuing another invoice to you for, say, a product or service, we may add the pending charges to that invoice.)

† Please ask us about specialised, dedicated support services for larger numbers of PCs.

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