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Microsoft Outlook — Using Multiple Profiles

A Microsoft Outlook “profile” contains settings for email accounts, servers, data files and other preferences. Most people, even if they have more than one email address, only need one profile. However, Outlook allows the creation of multiple profiles which allow different settings to be used for various circumstances, such as connecting to different networks at different locations, or to use while travelling and so on.

The procedure is:

  1. Close Microsoft Outlook.

  2. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel and double-click Mail.

  3. Click Show Profiles.

  4. If you wish to add a new profile and start from scratch, click Add.

    If you wish to take an existing profile and make small changes to it, click Copy.

  5. Give the new profile a name, such as “At Home”.

  6. If you chose Add, you will be prompted with the usual email setup wizard.

    If you chose Copy, you can now select the new profile and click Properties to make changes.

  7. If you wish to be prompted for the profile to use each time Outlook is started, choose Prompt for a profile to be used.

    Otherwise choose the profile you wish to be loaded by default.

If you have profiles which are no longer used, they may be deleted from this screen. Deleting profiles does not delete data files or remove mail items from mailboxes.

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