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Changing Bank Accounts

Cadzow 2000 supports multiple bank accounts so if you are starting a new account (and optionally retiring your old account), the procedure is:

Create General Ledger Account

If you use an external General Ledger, such as the Cadzow General Ledger Package for MS-DOS, ensure that an account is created to represent the new bank account. The default chart contains a number of pre-existing bank accounts in the balance sheet, so picking one of those numbers is easiest. (The account name may be changed under Menu One Option 2 (Setup/Change/Delete Chart Of Accounts).)

If you have a multi-company chart, be sure to use the procedure described in Creating New Accounts in a Multiple-Company Chart.

Create New Bank Account

In Cadzow 2000, use Accounts ReceivableBankingSet Up Bank Accounts to create a new bank account. Do not over-type the details of any existing accounts. Be sure to enter the correct General Ledger code(s) for the account. Although there are different codes for different purposes, in most cases they are all the same (and must all be populated).

Update Department Bank Account

Use Accounts ReceivableDepartmentsMain Details to assign the new bank account to all required departments. This will become the default bank account when entering receipts, payments and express purchases. (If required, the bank account may be changed at the time of entry.)

Update Invoice/Docket Details

Use Accounts ReceivableDepartmentsDynamic Comments to change the bank account details which appear on your invoices.

Use Accounts ReceivableMiscellaneous SettingsPoint of Sale to change the bank account details which appear on your dockets.

Correcting Errors

If some receipts/payments are inadvertently processed against the wrong account, they can be manually adjusted in the General Ledger. However, be sure to use the correct method for transferring amounts between bank accounts. See Entering Transfers Between Bank Accounts.

Notifying Customers

See How to Notify Customers of Your New Bank Account.

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