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Changing Windows Logon Password

Windows allows you to change your workstation (or domain) login password as follows:

  1. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del.

    You may find it easier to press Ctrl and hold it down, then press Alt, and hold it down, and press Del.

    Windows will present you with the Windows Security dialog.

  2. Click Change Password.

  3. Enter the current password, and the new password. The new password must be entered twice to confirm.

    Tip: See also Choosing A Password.

  4. Click OK.

    If the password chosen does not match the system requirements, for example, it is too short or not complex enough, you will be prompted.

    The password change takes effect immediately.

If operating under Remote Desktop/Terminal Services, you cannot press Ctrl-Alt-Del. In this situation, click Start, and choose Windows Security. (Under Windows 2000, this is under the Settings option on the Start Menu.) This presents you with the Windows Security dialog.

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