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Using Canon ScanGear Starter

Canon scanners include a utility called ScanGear Starter which allows the scanning of documents and images in a simple way.

  1. Open ScanGear Starter.

  2. Under the Simple Mode tab, choose the appropriate document type (eg. Colour, black and white, grayscale) next to Select Source.

  3. Choose an output resolution under Destination. For many documents, 150dpi may be appropriate, but for images 300dpi may be better.

  4. Click Preview.

    The scanner will quickly scan the document (and perform a calibration if necessary) and present the entire image.

  5. Use the dotted border to crop the image to the area required, by dragging the edges.

  6. When finished, click Scan. The image will be scanned and then stop.

  7. Close the ScanGear dialog by clicking the cross in the top right-hand corner.

    You will then be prompted how and where to save the file.

  8. If you are scanning a document, set Save as Type to PDF.

    If scanning a graphic for a website, choose JPG/EXIF.

    If scanning a graphic for high-resolution and later manipulation, choose TIFF.

  9. Choose the output location by clicking Browse next to Save Scanned Image To.

    If you wish to specify a filename, click File Name and enter the name.

  10. Click Save to save the file.

    If the file is too big, or the quality is not good enough, re-scan with higher or lower resolution as required.

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