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Apple iPhone: Handy Tips


  • When typing, you can tap and hold the number icon, then drag to quickly select a number, which then automatically switches back to the alpha keyboard.

  • Some letters have alternate forms available, such as diacriticals. For example, to enter “ì”, tap and hold “i”, wait for the popup, then drag to select the special character required.

  • Likewise, some punctuation keys have alternate characters associated with them. For example, tap and hold the quote mark (") for example, and some extra quotes will be available, such as typographic quotes (“”).

  • When typing, pressing space twice will be converted to a fullstop and a space.


  • Tap and hold any email address, address or phone number in a message and the iPhone will give you an option to save the details to a new or existing contact.


  • Double-press the microphone on the iPhone headphones to go the next track. Triple-press to go to the previous track (or the beginning of the current track if it has just started), or press once to pause and press again to resume.

Photos / Camera

  • Hold the camera button while you frame your shot and steady your hand. The iPhone will take the picture when you release the button, or tap the screen. This method is more instant and reduces the blur from your hand moving.

Troubleshooting Connectivity

  • Connectivity issues may arise if you use the phone with international roaming, then return to your native network.

  • If the phone is having data connectivity problems, the tethering function will silently fail. It will not present an error that there is no mobile network data coverage.

  • If Safari, email or other internet connectivity seems to have ceased functioning, particularly when switching between mobile network and wireless networking very quickly, switch the iPhone to Airplane mode. This disables all mobile network and wireless functions. Then disable Airplane mode. All networking functions will restart.

  • If switching Airplane mode on and off does not resolve connectivity issues, reboot the device.

Troubleshooting Power

  • If the iPhone discharges very low (say < 10%), when connected to a PC via USB it may show the charging symbol in the top corner, but the battery charge display may continue to show as being very low. Turn the iPhone off, and back on again. It should then show the correct charge level.

Troubleshooting Software/Apps

  • If any third-party application closes immediately upon trying to open it, install any (free) app from the AppStore. The new app can then be removed if desired.

  • If iTunes can detect but not recognise your iPhone, log out and log back in again.

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