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Broadband: What Are You Paying?

ADSL services have improved in recent years, and become much cheaper in the last 12 months. Today there are ADSL2+ services (up to 24Mbps) at price-points that previously only provided 0.5Mbps (512Kbps).

So it's certainly worth reviewing your current broadband plan and the speeds you're achieving, because in the metropolitan area you may be able to switch to an ADSL2 service for only a modest migration fee. In most cases you can stay with your existing ISP, which means no outages and no messing about.

Furthermore, you usually don't need to change your hardware: you can run an ADSL2 service on an older ADSL1-modem, although you'll only achieve a maximum of around 8Mbps.

Another development is so-called Naked DSL which is ADSL over a copper line but without requiring a dial tone. In most cases, the value proposition for Naked DSL is when you have moved all your voice telephony to VoIP and no longer require a traditional fixed-line phone service, or if you no longer run a fax machine but need a separate line for ADSL anyway. But Naked DSL can also work over lines which were not good enough for DSL+voice, so if you've previously been unable to access ADSL because of line quality/distance issues, it's worth checking whether a Naked DSL service will work for you.

Also, recently Internode released a service called Internode Ultra which combines ADSL2, a traditional fixed-line phone service, plus NodePhone VoIP. The advantage of such a plan is that it can be cheaper than the combination of a line rental with a telco and broadband with an ISP. This service is not for everyone, however, as there are migration issues for existing lines, and you can't use Internode services such as Annex-M (double-rate uploads) or full-speed ADSL2+, but it is compelling in some cases.

Please call us if we can assist evaluating or migrating your broadband services.

(NB. We receive no commissions from any ISP.)

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