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Windows Vista/2008 “Local Only” Issue

Windows Vista/2008 sometimes displays network connections as “Local Only” — whereas the most usual status for each connection is “Local and Internet”. In some situations, the adaptor (most commonly wireless but can also affect wired) may correctly obtain an IP address, DNS, WINS and other settings from the DHCP server, but connectivity beyond the local subnet fails. In other situations, an IP address cannot be obtained.

There are a number of remedies, which may work in different situations.

  • Windows Vista/2008 Service Pack 2 has been observed to resolve the issue.

  • It may occur if the machine was started while disconnected from the network.

  • Ensure your network adaptor drivers are up to date.

  • Update the firmware in your router.

  • If the issue occurred after replacing a wireless router, configured with the same SSID and passwords, Vista becomes confused about the different MAC address of the unit although it will still show that there is a signal to the “new” wireless network. Disconnect the existing network connectoid, and reconnect to the network.

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